Bradley A. Chippi Jr.

Bradley Chippi

Software / DevSecOps Engineer for Dow's Core Research and Development

Masters of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems

About Me

I consider myself as an agile leader and a well-rounded individual that puts pride and dedication into every role and task. Typically, most people are afraid of change, but I welcome it because it has the ability to enhance everyday life. To me, the thought of change is exciting and I feel the possibilities in computer technology are endless.

I am a self-driven individual, even if the odds are not in my favor. Failure is the key to learning and passion is the door to being a developer. I have an urge in wanting to make a difference in the world and one day, my dream will come true. My motto is: I can get a pay check anywhere, but there is only a certain amount of places where I can make a difference.


Binary Feature Extraction and Static Malware Classification - Master's Research

Performing binary data extraction and define features that will contribute towards classifying if a file is malicious or not.


The app allows you to swipe right or left on your favorite toppings and pizza style to have the right pizza for you to enjoy. Your friends can share their favorite toppings and style as well! The app will then use a recommender system that provides personalized pizza recommendations based on what you and your friends like.

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A Smartphone Ad-Hoc Network Communication Application to Help After a Natural Disaster and Keep the World Greener.

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Sellers of machine learning models can upload their work to CongoAI, where hackers from all over the world can purchase them. What separates CongoAI from the pack is that it automatically creates RESTful endpoints on the models uploaded to the store, allowing potential buyers to test it out before purchasing.

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Detect fish of all shapes and sizes! We wanted to find a way to detect fish that are biting at your bait. We also wanted to find a way to find the best fishing spots near you!

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We turn sound and text into a stream of moving art.

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Real-Time Alerts for Museum Artifacts and Storage

Sleep easy knowing that important artifacts and storage rooms are under ideal conditions.

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The Profiler

Keep tabs on the emotional state of those around you or those thousands of miles away with The Profiler.

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Take a picture, make a rap song.

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Visualizing Social Economics

Visualizations to show that the world is a much better place than it has ever been.

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A program that finds cheap vacations for you and your friends

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Work Experience

Software / DevSecOps Engineer - The Dow Chemical Company (November 2019 - Present)

  • Develop software solutions that support Dow's material businesses.
  • Scan and re-mediate Dow's Core R&D code repositories with static application security testing tools.
  • Lead / support Dow's cloud native initiative for modern software engineering.

Cyber Security Operations Automation Specialist - The Dow Chemical Company (July 2018 - November 2019)

  • Deploy a solution to track the progress of security incidents from analysis to recovery.
  • Build a process where the Security Operations Center can dynamically create use cases.
  • Lead the direction towards DecSecOps for modern software engineering at the company (Threat Modeling, DevOps Pipelines, Static Application Security Testing, Dynamic Application Security Testing, and Penetration Testing).
  • Develop custom solutions for ServiceNow's Security Operations modules.
  • Turn security operation procedures into self-service and fully automomous jobs.
  • Develop and deploy group based privileged identity management.

Systems Developer (Co-op) - The Dow Chemical Company (September 2014 - April 2018)

  • Responsible for managing Dow databases
  • Manage custom scripts for extensibility of Microsoft SharePoint sites using JavaScript.
  • Create autonomous scripts to ease and eliminate workloads, using C#, PowerShell, and VB. Fully adopted.
  • Designed Data Visualizations that showcased Dow manufacturing.

Cyber Security (Internship) - The Dow Chemical Company (May 2017 - August 2017)

  • Built threat prevention and network health dashboards with Pygal and Power BI.
  • Created a web application that manages black/white listing for the company‚Äôs corporate firewalls.
  • Setup Juniper firewall development lab, configured policy groups and threat prevention policies.
  • Setup logging, SSL Inspection, and connected to advanced threat prevention feeds.
  • Automated tracking of potential cyber security threats on social media using bots.

Information Technician - Chicky Chippi LLC. (2013 - 2014)

  • Develop and maintain all company websites.
  • Build and maintain the on-site computers and servers.